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Episode 9: Cannabis Infusion and Cooking with Dosed

Episode 9: Cannabis Infusion and Cooking with Dosed


Dosed App @dosedapp is a cannabis calculator app designed to make it easier to infuse while cooking. Chef Trice @dredhead187 and Tami sat down with Into The Current to discuss launching this app in the middle of a pandemic, the job opportunities involved in the cannabis industry, and their thoughts on legalization. Join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent #ATLcreators #VerticalRiverProductions #ConsciousCapitalism #SustainableBusiness #GreenBusiness #CannabisInfusion #Cookingwithcannabis


0:00-4:32 Introduction to the business of Dosed

4:32-6:59 A discussion of the Dosed app and its development

6:59-8:02 The evolution of the Dosed concept

8:02-9:30 The construction of the Dosed app and Trice’s chef brain that influences the recipes

9:30-11:40 Their business goals, how to create awareness, and how they get around advertising on Instagram

11:40-13:40 Other Georgia cannabis companies and the edible demand during quarantine

13:40-17:29 Legalizing marijuana and navigating the industry

17:29-20:04 Tami B and Chef Trice discuss the education component to CBD

20:04-21:17 Home cooking during the pandemic and cooking with cannabis

21:17-22:22 The best first time recipe to cook with cannabis

22:22-23:59 Atlanta’s place in the cannabis realm

23:59-25:27 Pandemic’s effect on their business and how their app can help under pandemic pressure

25:27-26:37 Tami B and Trice explain “decarboxylate” and how they learned about the process of infusion

26:37-28:14 Chef Trice’s favorite recipe during the pandemic

28:14-29:59 How to run and launch a digital platform during a pandemic

29:59-31:47 The social and digital channels Dosed uses

31:47-33:17 The impacts on the cannabis industry and how dispensaries can be “essential”

33:17-36:16 As business owners, Tami B and Chef Trice discuss how to grow during a pandemic. They also look forward towards legalization

36:16-38:08 The economic opportunities of cannabis

38:08-39:41 What Tami B and Chef Trice would say to convince the government to legalize cannabis

39:41-41:45 Is this just a metropolitan pass time? How can rural communities benefit?

41:45-44:12 What is keeping Tami B and Chef Trice up at night?

44:12-46:49 What content is Dosed consuming right now?

48:19-48:39 Advice to their younger selves

48:39-51:05 Sustainability and the marijuana business

51:05- Final thoughts



Instagram: @dredhead187 & @dosedapp



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