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Episode 8: “Bigger Than Beer” with Dustin Watts

Episode 8: “Bigger Than Beer” with Dustin Watts


Dustin Watts, President of Terrapin Beer Company – @terrapinbeerco, sat down with Into The Current back on May 12 to discuss his company’s response to the pandemic as well as Dustin’s vast experiences with craft beer. Throughout Episode #8, Dustin discusses Terrapin’s sustainability efforts, Terrapin’s relationship with pro-sports, and his efforts to protect his employees in a pandemic. Dustin provides insight into the world of craft beer and shares his thoughts on protecting the planet with Terrapin’s new Terraprint sustainability initiative. Join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent
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0:00-6:32 Introduction to Dustin Watts and discussion of how Terrapin Beer Co. is operating during COVID-19

6:32-9:15 Technology and social media tactics Terrapin is using during the pandemic

9:15-11:55 Dustin discusses the safety measures Terrapin is currently taking

11:55-14:54 Terrapin’s relationship with the local Athens community in the constantly changing coronavirus world

14:45-16:43 Advice to small businesses during the pandemic, “first and foremost, #1 thing healthy and safety of all our employees, then the health of our business second”

16:43-19:51 Dustin explains Terrapin’s sustainability efforts and his desire to be “bigger than beer”

19:51-22:38 The business benefits of solar energy, “we brew solar brewed beer”

22:38-27:02 Dustin breaks down the specifics of Terrapin’s conservation efforts

27:02-29:42 A discussion about the environmental benefits of canned beer vs. bottled beer

29:42-34:15 Terrapin’s relationship with pro-sports and how that might change because of COVID-19

34:15-38:20 Dustin explains how he got involved with the craft brewing industry

38:20-41:30 How did an acquisition change Terrapin Beer Co.?

41:30-45:16 The pandemic’s effect on the craft beer business at large, “is there a craft beer bubble” and will COVID-19 burst it?

45:16-49:00 Dustin gives a shoutout to other craft beers, and discusses brewing trends

49:00-52:06 The future of Terrapin Beer Co.

52:06-57:16 Dustin’s advice to “get a hobby and be passionate about it”

57:16-58:46 Dustin’s hobble and forms of escape during the pandemic

58:40-59:54 Advice to his younger self

59:54-1:01:14 Growth opportunities for Terrapin, and what’s keeping Dustin up at night

1:01:14-1:04:57 Non-profits Dustin supports

1:04:57-1:08 Final thoughts



Instagram: @highwattage & @terrapinbeerco

LinkedIn: Terrapin Beer Co.



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