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Episode 7: Bridging the Digital Divide During BLM and COVID-19 with MaKara Rumley

Episode 7: Bridging the Digital Divide During BLM and COVID-19 with MaKara Rumley


In May, we spoke with MaKara Rumley, CEO of the Hummingbird Firm, about bridging the digital divide during COVID-19. Recently we invited MaKara back to talk about the movement for racial and social justice and equality in America. Episode 7 of Into The Current combines these two conversations with MaKara, and she discusses the current fight for racial and social justice, her professional insight on the importance of community engagement, how businesses can communicate with different communities digitally, her experience advocating for environmental justice, and the possible outcomes of children seeing their parents work from home.


0:00-6:57 an introduction to MaKara followed by a conversation about the current Black Lives Matter movement

6:57-9:44 discussion about the importance of respectful communication and willingness to change

9:44-14:02 how the Hummingbird Firm is operating during BLM and COVID-19

14:02-16:14 MaKara talks about departments of diversity and inclusion

16:14-20:53 MaKara’s thoughts on the power and stamina of the current BLM movement

20:53-23:48 Switches back to the earlier episode to discuss the pandemic’s effect on business and communication

23:48-26:57 How to bridge the digital divide in 2020

26:57-31:52 How the government can assist in community engagement during the pandemic

31:52-34:20 Advice to businesses working with different cultures

34:20-36:38 Tech tools to keep business growing

36:38-43:21 The longterm impacts of working from home

43:21-49:00 How businesses can share communication tools to benefit different communities

49:00-50:50 “Human centered approach” in communication right now

50:50-1:00:52 MaKara’s experience with environmental justice

1:00:52-1:04:37 MaKara’s interests with politics, “I don’t think doing the right thing should be political”

1:04:37-1:08:47 Building relationships between businesses and communities

1:08:47-1:13:00 Atlanta’s growth and how it will affect our understanding of communities

1:13:00-1:16:54 How Atlanta can help the community with the digital divide

1:16:54-1:19:33 Business opportunities in tech and communication for future generations

1:19:33-1:23:06 MaKara’s final thoughts



Instagram: @makararumley and @hummingbirdfim

LinkedIn: MaKara Rumley


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