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Episode 5: “The biggest fish we could ever fry” with Rory Welsh

Episode 5: “The biggest fish we could ever fry” with Rory Welsh


Rory Welsh is the Co-Athletic Director and Head Coach of the boys varsity basketball team at Langston Hughes High School in Fulton County, Georgia – about 20 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta. Since Rory took over the Panther’s varsity boys team nearly ten years ago they’ve won back-to-back 6A state championships (2017 & 2018) and he was named Georgia Athletic Association 6A Coach of the Year and Region 5 Coach of the Year. Rory puts his heart, head, and soul into teaching and coaching at Langston Hughes and took some time to share his life experiences and thoughts on racial and social justice and helping educate young people with us. Please give it a listen and share it if you like what you hear.
*Interview recorded on Tuesday 6/9/2020


00:00 – 2:00  Rory’s thoughts and feelings on the current state of racial and social justice in America

2:25 – 4:40  How Rory’s student-athletes and the young people he’s around are coping with what’s going on currently – including the COVID-19 pandemic

4:45 – 6:28  First steps to finding sustainable solutions to the problems we’re facing

7:30 –  9:54  On having a positive impact on young people as a coach and educator – “This is the biggest fish we could ever fry”

10:00 – 14:15  Rory’s personal experiences with racism (and life experiences) and how he shares these with his team – “things can escalate very quickly”

14:45 – 17:13  How to be an ally to black and brown people

17:40 – 19:54  How the business community can give back and help young people prepare for life beyond high school

20:13 – 21:41  “Register to vote and be a political participant”

22:00 – 25:00  Shout outs to Coach Welsh’s scholarship players, and all players, and how to help support the Langston Hughes basketball program


Twitter: @LHughesHoops



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