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Episode 3: “This is what I want people to understand” with Gabrielle Lafitte

Episode 3: “This is what I want people to understand” with Gabrielle Lafitte


Our guest for episode 3 of “Into The Current” is artist, sporting clays shooting enthusiast, and corporate/commercial office project manager Gabrielle Lafitte – a bit of an unusual mix of talents and passions. Gabrielle’s from Oakland, CA and has spent several years in Atlanta, GA working as a project manager. We met her as she was packing up her place in the ATL and preparing to embark on a 6-month, solo trip through Indonesia and SE Asia. We quickly connected with Gabrielle’s energy and intellect and told her we’d be following her adventure on IG and wanted to connect when she got back. We’re honored to share our mic with her today to hear her thoughts and feelings on access for people of color in the corporate world, wealth and cultural disparity in the shooting sports world, the importance of art in culture, what she learned from solo-traveling Indonesia and more.  


  • :00 – 3:20  A feeling of collective grief in the black community
  • 3:30 – 4:54  How #ShareTheMic impacts black women in the corporate workplace
  • 4:58 – 6:34  You can be anti-racist, but think about being pro-black
  • 7:22 – 21:29  Experiences of a black professional woman in the construction and office design world 
  • 7:55 – 9:28  They’ll cut off their nose to spite their face, and walk away from a job
  • 12:20 – 14:08  Gabrielle’s recent experience looking for a job in her corporate field
  • 15:25  The unfortunate stereotype of black women being the mother’s of our workplaces
  • 17:00 – 19:41  The real value of diversity and inclusion on the bottom line
  • 19:54 – 21:29  Leveling the playing field around salary
  • 21:40 – 30:54  Experiences of a young, black woman in the overwhelmingly white-male sporting clays (shooting) arena
  • 23:20 – 27:23  Being the only black woman at sporting clays ranges in Georgia and learning how to listen
  • 27:24 – 28:46  How the Second Amendment applies to black people in America
  • 28:50 – 30:54  What Gabrielle’s presence at sporting clays ranges has taught the people she encounters on these ranges
  • 30:58 – 36:01  Experiences of a black, female artist – who’s also a shotgunner & corporate project manager
  • 31:58 – 33:25  What it’s like to be a black, female artist and shooting enthusiast
  • 33:30 – 34:08  “you are great. you are magnificent. you are the mother fucking shit.”
  • 34:30 – 36:00  Black artist recommendations from Gabrielle
  • 36:16 – 43:53  Experiences and lessons from 6 months solo-traveling SE Asia & Indonesia in 2019
  • 37:12 – 37:48  I felt safer outside of our country than inside our country
  • 37:54 – 39:09  Moving freely and encountering a different approach to law enforcement
  • 39:31 – 43:53  How non-Americans see our country from the outside, living in the “Hunger Games” and listening with a hard lens
  • 44:29 – 47:15  Closing thoughts on championing black, female entrepreneurship and more on #ShareTheMic


Instagram: @gabrielle_lafitte


LinkedIn: Gabrielle Hatley Lafitte

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