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Episode 2: “Hope isn’t a strategy” with Robert Welsh

Episode 2: “Hope isn’t a strategy” with Robert Welsh


We welcome Robert Welsh to join us for our second episode of Into The Current. Robert’s an Atlanta native who’s spent the last several years in New York City, and living in Brooklyn. Robert’s currently an employee of the City of New York in budget & finance, and he’s run for local office in Atlanta earlier in his life. Robert’s twin brother Rory is currently the head varsity boys basketball coach at Langston Hughes High School in Fulton County Georgia, and lead the Panthers to Class 6A State Championship in 2016. We talked with Robert about his perspective on racial and social justice and equality from his perspective as a brown latino man in America.


  • Robert’s thoughts and feelings about what’s going on in America right now
  • “Hope isn’t a strategy”
  • How to communicate with people who have different social and political viewpoints
  • How to be an active listener
  • Geographical lines that divide our society
  • How voting and political activism can affect change
  • Robert’s run for local office in Atlanta’s District 1
  • Robert’s personal experience with inequality personally and professionally
  • How and why budgets are a moral document
  • How financial resources can prevent social distress and inequality
  • How do we deal with trauma
  • And more


LinkedIn: Robert Z. Welsh

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