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Episode 13: Finding Your Purpose with Jeff Hilimire

Episode 13: Finding Your Purpose with Jeff Hilimire


Jeff Hilimire has found his purpose. As the CEO of @dragonarmy, author, father, and entrepreneur, Jeff @jeffhilimire is constantly working to better himself and those around him. He sat down with Vertical River to talk about his work, his home life, and what it means to find your purpose. Join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent #ATLcreators #VerticalRiverProductions #ConsciousCapitalism #SustainableBusiness #GreenBusiness #findyourpurpose #dragonarmy


0:00-1:02 Kendrick introduces our guest Jeff Hilimire

1:02-3:29 “All hands on deck during school day” Jeff describes having 5 children schooling from home

3:29-6:22 Jeff describes finding his purpose

6:22-7:59 Why is it important to find your purpose?

7:59-10:44 How do you know what your purpose is?

10:44-12:32 Jeff discusses his podcast and getting it off the ground during COVID

12:32-14:46 Jeff’s entrepreneurial aspirations

14:46-20:30 What is it like to build and grow a company? Jeff also explains how Dragon Army got its name

20:30-25:35 How can commerce intersect with conservation?

25:35- 29:05 Jeff discusses his book, The 5-Day TurnAround

29:05-32:35 “Be aware of team’s emotions” Jeff explains the importance of prioritizing your employees during COVID

32:35-35:07 Jeff’s interest in podcasting and the purpose behind it

35:07-38:18 Why should brands be podcasting? How can brands create engagement?

38:18-42:03 Jeff does it all. He talks about how he manages his busy calendar and why its important to incorporate your purpose into your calendar.

42:03-45:13 What is 48 in 48? Jeff talks about his work with nonprofits.

45:13-47:41 Lightning round questions with Jeff

47:41- Jeff shares his final thoughts and how to engage with him


LinkedIn: Jeff Hilimire

Instagram: @jeffhilimire & @dragonarmy

Website: &


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