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Episode 12: What Lies Beneath Hartsfield-Jackson with Hannah Palmer

Episode 12: What Lies Beneath Hartsfield-Jackson with Hannah Palmer


Hannah Palmer joins us this week for Into The Current. Hannah Palmer is a talented author, urban planner, and works closely with Finding the Flint. Hannah tells Kendrick and Eric about her memoir Flight Path, which is about Harstfield-Jackson taking over her hometown. As an urban planner and conservationist, she also shares her predictions of what Atlanta will look like after the pandemic, and why water is so important to our city. Join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent #ATLcreators #VerticalRiverProductions #SustainableBusiness #GreenBusiness #ATLauthors #findingtheflint #flintriver


0:00-4:37 Kendrick and Eric discuss their weekends being around the water and introduce the guest Hannah Palmer

4:37-7:17 Hannah talks about how the pandemic is affecting her family

7:17-8:43 Hannah discusses her inspiration and productivity during quarantine and says “fight to protect your solitude and creative time”

8:43-12:51 What are some tricks to finding creative spaces?

12:51-18:34 As an urban planner, Hannah shares her thoughts on what cities will look like after COVID. “I don’t think we’re ever gonna go back to the same normal”

18:34-21:12 How will companies and workspaces change?

21:12-24:30 “Every house I ever lived in as a child was gone” Hannah talks about her book Flight Path

24:30-32:08 Kendrick reads the opening line of Flight Path, and Hannah talks about what it’s like to write a memoir. She discusses the importance of “being vulnerable”

32:08-36:54 “Home is never the same as it was” Hannah talks about the changes in Atlanta

36:54-42:53 Hannah discusses her work with Finding the Flint

42:53-50:00 Why is it important to be connected with our surroundings, especially in Georgia?

50:00-54:30 Who are the outdoors for? How can we make sure everyone feels welcome there?

54:30-59:09 Hannah talks about her upcoming projects.

59:09- Final thoughts and how to connect with Hannah


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Instagram: @hannahspalmer & @findingtheflint 

LinkedIn: Hannah Palmer



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