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Episode 11: Bryan Salmond, The Only Black Man on Las Vegas TV News

Episode 11: Bryan Salmond, The Only Black Man on Las Vegas TV News


Sports broadcaster Bryan Salmond, @bryannews3lv, is the only black man currently on Las Vegas TV news. In Episode #11 of ITC, Bryan and Vertical River’s founders Eric & Kendrick have an honest discussion about race and sports and what it takes to make it in sports journalism. This conversation spans 20 years of Bryan’s career while also focusing on the history-defining moment in professional sports right now. This is a can’t miss episode! Follow the link in our bio to join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent #VerticalRiverProductions #ATLcreators #LasVegasSports #SportsBroadcasting #BlackLivesMatter #SportsBusiness #SportsJournalism #CNNSIalumni


0:00-2:54 Eric and Kendrick touch base before welcoming longtime friend and sports broadcaster Bryan Salmond onto the show

2:54-4:34 Bryan discusses his time living in Stone Mountain, GA and the South

4:34-10:48 “If you don’t think people should be equal then you are racist” Bryan talks about his most recent “Spitfire” commentary about players kneeling

10:48-19:14 Bryan and Vertical River talk about today’s athletes using their platform to advocate for for social justice

19:14-22:00 Bryan and VR discuss how sports and politics have been intertwined for years “Having money does not absolve you of going through the stuff that every day Black people go through”

22:00-33:02 Bryan shares his own experience being profiled by the police

33:02-41:58 “Are you willing to be broke?” Bryan keeps it real about what it takes to make it in the sports broadcasting industry

41:58-45:26 Bryan talks about the places he’s lived as a sportscaster, and his trolling of Bill Belichick while living in Boston

45:26-53:49 What it’s been like settling in Las Vegas as it becomes a pro sports town, and as online betting becomes more common

53:49-57:49 Bryan and VR talk about the business of sports betting

57:49-1:03:54 Bryan and Eric reminisce about their time at CNN Sports Illustrated and all the talented people they worked with – like Willie Geist

1:03:54-1:07:42 The importance of social media and digital distribution in sports journalism

1:07:42-1:10:08 Rapid fire questions with Bryan. What’s keeping him up at night? What is he consuming content wise?

1:10:08-1:12:54 Bryan, Kendrick, and Eric talk about Kendrick’s Super Bowl LIV experience

1:12:54-1:15:36 What business advice would Bryan give to his younger self? What ways does Bryan give back?

1:15:26-1:18:48 On being the only black man in TV news in Las Vegas, and how & why it’s important it is to hire black talent

1:18:48- Final thoughts


Instagram: @bryannews3lv

Twitter: @bryannews3lv

LinkedIn: Bryan Salmond



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