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Episode 10: Living in a Virtual Reality, with Dave Beck

Episode 10: Living in a Virtual Reality, with Dave Beck


Dave Beck, managing partner of Foundry 45, spoke with Vertical River in May to discuss his company’s work with Virtual Reality and its place in the business world. Dave shares his background and how he got started with VR, the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and his thoughts on the future of his industry. Join us and jump #IntoTheCurrent #ATLcreators #VerticalRiverProductions #ConsciousCapitalism #SustainableBusiness #GreenBusiness #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #VR


0:00-3:32 Dave Beck, managing partner of Foundry 45, sits down with Vertical River

3:32-5:00 Has the pandemic opened up business opportunities for Virtual Reality?

5:00-7:42 The tools Foundry 45 is using during the pandemic “we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time on zoom”

7:42-9:07 What has surprised Dave about his team during this year?

9:07-10:26 What is it like operating as a small business owner right now?

10:26-12:38 Has Foundry 45 been working with medical companies throughout the pandemic?

12:38-16:29 “We’re more GT than SCAD” Dave discusses the differences between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

16:29-18:51 The business benefits of Virtual Reality

18:51-20:50 The biggest benefits of adopting Virtual Reality training under COVID-19

20:50-22:40 Dave talks about the “good relationship” Foundry 45 has with Atlanta

22:40-25:09 Dave shares a story about asking Roger Goodell to be in his fantasy football league

25:09-27:37 What has Dave learned about marketing in the last few years?

27:37-30:44 The most effective social channels for Foundry 45

30:44-33:54 Foundry 45’s office space inside Georgia State’s campus

33:54-36:23 Will more people want to work remote after this year?

36:23-39:50 A benefit Foundry 45 working on GA State’s campus is that they’re “plugged into great creative kids and adults”

39:50-40:28 A discussion about GA State giving out scholarships for e-sports

40:28-43:56 Foundry 45’s future

43:56-46:24 What content is Dave consuming right now?

46:24-47:55 What’s keeping Dave up at night?

47:55-50:36 Advice to Dave’s younger self

50:36-56:20 Non-profits and community organizations Dave, Foundry 45, and Vertical River support

56:20- Final thoughts



Instagram: @daveb_isme & @foundry45

LinkedIn: Dave Beck & Foundry45



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